Using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse

Your gut tells you something isn’t right. You can’t point your finger at it, but you just can’t shake it either. The thought of your partner having an affair is almost impossible to bear, but the uncertainty is eating you alive too. It reaches a point where you just need to know the truth.

Infidelity can be difficult to prove, however. But with the technology available today, using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse is probably the best chance you have of finding out what’s really going on.

Making surveillance work for you

There are various ways of using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse. Some will work well for you while others may not. Choose wisely depending on your situation and what you already know or suspect.

Start by asking a few questions which will help you decide what options to consider.

For instance, what time do you suspect your partner meets with their lover? Do you think they keep in touch through your phone at home? Is it possible that they are co-workers?  Have you ever gotten the feeling that they see each other in your home when you are out?

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These questions and your answers to them will help narrow down the available options and ultimately help you decide on what kind of surveillance to use.

Kinds of surveillance technology

Perhaps even after gathering a good amount of data—purchase receipts for unexplained gifts like jewelry, the smell of women’s perfume in the car, sudden increase in number of business trips—you still have no solid proof that your partner is having an affair.

Using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse is the next step in finding the truth.

Hidden cameras

You would be surprised to see where hidden cameras can be installed these days. Different types of household appliances you would never suspect actually have hidden cameras in them like wall clocks, alarm clocks, smoke detectors—even plants!

Hidden cameras can also be found in teddy bears, books and pens. Needless to say, actions speak louder than words and no doubt about it, a hidden camera is capable of giving you the rock solid evidence you need to finally know the truth.

Telephone recorders

Sometimes it is difficult to get information using phone bills and caller ID. Recorders are able to pick up voice conversations that may be able to explain your partner’s change in behavior lately.

Digital voice recorders

Suspect that your partner brings their lover to your home? Find out by using this device.

It’s about the size of your hand and has the capability to pick up voice conversations clearly. Just put it in a safe hidden area in the room and then store all the recordings in your computer.

Sim card data recorder

The cell phone makes it very convenient to communicate with a lover—they can be in touch anytime, anywhere, through text messages, phone calls and email.

Through a sim card data recorder, you are able to lift the information from your partner’s sim and download it into your computer, giving you information like who is on his contacts list and frequently dialed phone numbers.

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What to watch out for

Be very careful when using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse. Make sure they do not find out otherwise you have ruined your chance of possibly ever finding out the truth.

They will also be very angry with you—and if your partner is in fact not having an affair as you suspected, the relationship may have been damaged because they will feel betrayed.

However, it is worth noting that your suspicions must have been coming from somewhere—if not infidelity then there are definitely other problems you need to work on together.

Still, your partner may not understand that your motivation is love—because you are gathering proof not just of their possible guilt, but also evidence of their innocence—you love them enough to find out the truth first, before jumping to conclusions and ending your relationship without giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Furthermore, it is vital that you tell as few people as possible. Using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse is not exactly your typical morning gossip topic to be shared with friends and family—but it’s definitely a juicy one that will easily spread like wildfire in your circle.

You also need not spend a lot of money on surveillance tools. A colored, high-resolution camera for instance may not be necessary as a lower resolution black and white one will also get the job done.

They key is finding out which surveillance tools will work best for you given your budget.

Want to end your suspicions and finally move on with your life? You may want to explore using surveillance to catch your cheating spouse.

It is possible also that you’ll find your partner is innocent. Either way, you can only make the right and fair decision about your future once you know that truth.