Clues your cheating spouse leaves behind

While your partner and their lover are doing their best to hide the affair from you, there are going to be clues your cheating spouse leaves behind. These are just waiting to be discovered.

Hard as it may be to even think about, if you suspect your spouse is cheating, there are two places you can start checking right away—sadly, these are:  your own home and his car.

Just the thought of your partner bringing their lover into your home is enough to make anyone sick. Awful as it is, you have to start looking for clues your cheating spouse leaves behind right in your own bedroom.

First, check the bed thoroughly. Are there are hairs that don’t belong to you and your partner on the pillows and sheets?

Have the sheets been changed since you left for work in the morning? Do the pillows smell like perfume or does it have a scent that you don’t recognize?

Next, check the vanity for anything that seems out of place and also any strands of hair that may not be yours.

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After the bedroom, take a look in the bathroom. Again, check for strands of hair on the floor, in the sink and shower. Did your body wash, shampoo or razor look like they were moved?

Before leaving for work each day, take a mental photograph of your bedroom and bathroom—remember all the details like the colors of the sheets and pillow cases, where you put your hair brush, the position of your shampoo, soap and razor.

When you get home in the afternoon, begin searching for any possible clues your cheating spouse leaves behind. These include strands of hair or jewelry like a necklace or earring.

In the bathroom, pay particular attention to any changes in where your body wash, shampoo and razor.

The next best place to search for clues your cheating spouse leaves behind would be your partner’s car.  s soon as your spouse gets home, find an excuse to go inside the car.

You can say that you are looking for your hairbrush or lipstick and you think you may have left it in his car.   Again, look for strands of hair and jewelry that don’t belong to you.

Then take a look at the CD’s in the CD player and the radio station the car is tuned into—is the music not what your partner normally listens to?

Also, check if the passenger’s seat and mirror need to be adjusted when you sit down—do they look like they were adjusted by someone else sitting there?

Have a look in the glove box, you never know what the other person may leave in there.

Also, search for any speeding and parking tickets—keep these for future evidence. You may use them to check if your partner was telling you the truth about his whereabouts at a particular date, time and place.

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If you have a hunch of an infidelity, take the first step by finding out the truth. Pay particular attention to these clues your cheating spouse leaves behind in your home and his car.

Chances are, you may find other clues as well such as the paper trail he may leave behind through receipts, phone calls, email and text messages.

Keep any findings as proof of the affair to build strong evidence to protect your interests if in case your marriage comes to an end and a legal battle begins .