How to find out if your spouse is having a cyber affair

Do you suspect your spouse is having a cyber affair?

Some may think it is far-fetched for their partner to meet someone in a dating site and carry out an on-line affair.  The truth is however, more and more people are actually doing just that.

In fact, studies have shown that while people most likely to have cyber relationships are single (46%), a staggering 41% are living with a partner.  Many have gone as far as leaving their partners and children to continue their internet affairs.

Divorce lawyers and private investigators now recognize internet infidelity as a common trend, given the increasing growth of internet use as well as the access to a large variety of people on-line.

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Cyber affairs are different from one-night stands—it is highly likely that an internet relationship can be cultivated for months, starting from interaction through dating sites and chat rooms which will lead to an exchange of phone numbers progressing to text messages and phone calls and finally to a face-a-face encounter.

Take a look at some of these warning signs that may show your spouse is having a cyber affair. Do any of them seem familiar?

Changes in behavior, particularly when in comes to computer use is the first important clue that may confirm your spouse is having a cyber affair.

Is your partner acting secretive—changing his password or perhaps moving the computer to a more private area in the house?

Do they become angry or irritable when you disturb them while they are on-line?  Have you ever noticed that they act surprised and close their browser when you get close to them during computer use?

Another sign to watch out for that may indicate your spouse is having a cyber affair is a change in his sleep pattern.

Is your partner sleeping very late when he didn’t use to? Usage of internet chat rooms increases significantly at night—this may be the reason why your spouse gets to bed very late.

You may also notice that he is waking up earlier than usual. This can very well be motivated by a new person he has met on-line and he is taking every opportunity to exchange emails or chat with the hope of cultivating this relationship.

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Because of so much time being spent on-line, is your partner neglecting his household duties? Perhaps the lawn hasn’t been mowed or the cars haven’t been washed and vacuumed as they should be.

This neglect in daily household chores show a shift in priorities. Is this being brought about by wanting to spend more time on the computer? If so, you may want to take it as a possible sign that your spouse is having a cyber affair.

When your spouse is spending so much time on his computer, it takes away time that the two of you can spend together alone or as a family if you have children. Needless to say, if this continues, your relationship may suffer from communication and intimacy concerns.

If any of these signs are sending off a warning bell for you, it could be possible that your spouse is having a cyber affair. Listen to the signs—if your relationship matters to you, then it is worth doing something about it now and finding out the truth.