Physical Evidence that Your Spouse is Cheating

If your partner is having an affair, it will most definitely not just involve time, but also money and communication through phone calls, email and text messages.

This means that there would be a potentially good amount of paper trail that is being left behind—you just need to find it.

It is important to find some physical evidence that your spouse is cheating—not just to confirm if they are having an affair, but also to find out if they are innocent. But where should you start?

Show me the money

An affair cannot exist without spending some money.  So one of the most common kinds of physical evidence that your spouse is cheating will show up in—you guessed it, receipts.

These can be found inside clothes pockets like jackets, shirts and pants as well in the car—glove compartment, ash tray and under the seats. You can even go through garbage to check for receipts.

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There is often a detailed list of what was purchased. Whether it was flowers, gas, lunch, dinner or motel room bookings, receipts would tell you where, when, what time it was bought.

Use this data to build a profile of your partner’s spending habits. Keep a notebook and file all the transactions—you may see instances where your partner’s alibi may not be a match to the receipts you have gathered.

Keep in mind that this still may not mean your spouse is cheating, but you may very well see some patterns.

Bank statements are an excellent way to gather physical evidence that your spouse is cheating. But you can only have ready access to joint accounts—ask the bank to mail you the statement or access it on-line.  Find out if your partner has other accounts as well.

Credit card statements are also a good way to go over your partner’s spending habits. Because the purchases are documented, it can help you gather reliable physical evidence that your spouse is cheating. It can also show you that perhaps your partner is not having an affair after all.

Using technology to get more information

Just like an affair can’t exist without money, neither can it exist without communications.

Fortunately there are various ways of communicating during this day and age (telephone calls, email and text messages) —giving you that many more chances to collect physical evidence that your spouse is cheating.

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But remember, this is also a good way to find out if your partner is being faithful.

The computer is a place where you can find tons of information—some may be useful to you, others may not. If you can, go through email messages, and check the sent folder too.  It will be tough however if you don’t know the password.

The trash folder is also a good place to look. Of course, you may install spyware that can give you deeper information about your partner’s on-line activities. But that requires some amount of money that you may or may not be prepared to spend.

The cell phone is an obvious place to start looking. You can check the dialed and received calls folders to check for numbers you may not be familiar with. You may also look at the inbox and sent folders for any inappropriate messages.

Get a hold of the cell phone billing statement to see details of each call—where it was made, when and how long it lasted. You may be able to see certain patterns like frequently called numbers.

While these may not tell you for sure if your partner is having an affair, they can at least give you a profile of your spouse’s habits. It is a good place to start if you are having suspicions.

Be diligent enough and you may be able to collect enough physical evidence that your spouse is cheating. On the other hand, the evidence may also show your partner to be innocent.

Either way, you need to get to the bottom of your suspicions and find out the truth—difficult as that may be. This is the only way you can finally have peace of mind and get on with your life.