Why You Should Know if Your Spouse is Cheating

When you suspect that your partner is cheating, it is very tempting to turn a blind eye and look the other way.

You may be afraid of what will become of your marriage if he is really cheating. Or you may tell yourself that she couldn’t be having an affair, she loves me too much.

Well, you know what? Until you find out for sure, you will not have any peace of mind.

This kind of uncertainty is enough to drive anyone completely crazy. You owe it to yourself and your partner (if he or she is innocent) to find out the truth.

Here are just a few reasons why you should know if your spouse is cheating:

1.  You could be wrong

Remember, you are after the truth. It is just as important to prove your partner’s innocence—so hold off on the accusations and confrontation unless you have solid proof of the infidelity.

The mere fact that you distrust your partner enough to suspect an affair shows that there are problems in the marriage—however, if your partner is innocent, your accusations will only add further damage.

Knowing the truth once and for all will put an end to all your worrying and you can now focus on what is more important—re-building your relationship.

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2.  Your future depends on it

This should be one of the most compelling reasons why you should know if your spouse is cheating.

Whatever the outcome of your investigation will lead you to the next step—should we stay together and work it out, do we go get counseling, should we take time out for a separation, etc.

Once you know the truth, you can finally move on and you will be able to make plans together as a couple or for yourself.

3.  Your self-esteem will suffer

When you think that your partner is being unfaithful, it changes you. You start to feel that you are not good enough and you may even wonder if there is anything wrong with you.

Worse, you may start to believe that if someone you love can hurt and betray you like this, then no one else can be trusted, including family and friends.

4.  You need to protect the children

Contrary to what many adults may think, children are very perceptive and can sense when something is wrong.

This is a very important reason why you should know if your spouse is cheating. Children exposed to infidelity may grow up thinking this is okay and could very well become unfaithful partners themselves.

Other children may end up with trust issues and could find it very difficult to trust other people.

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5.  You may need to face a legal battle

If your marriage ends and there are legal issues that ensue, you need to protect your interests by making sure you have evidence of your partner’s infidelity.

6.  Your health is at risk

When your partner is cheating, he is exposing you to certain diseases like herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, HPV, HIV and others. Some of these are curable, but others are not and may even lead to cervical cancer and death.

Needless to say, this is reason enough as to why you should know if your spouse is cheating .

If you suspect that your partner is having indiscretions, please go to the doctor for a complete health check. If results are positive, you need to talk to your spouse about this.

If results come back negative, you can hold on to these records for a later time as proof of your health.

Believe it or not, some cheating partners actually have the nerve to blame the infection on their innocent spouse—having a record of clean health will protect you against this possibility.

It is normal to be afraid of knowing the truth, fearful of the possibility that your suspicions may be right, that your partner is indeed having an affair.

But take another look at the list of reasons why you should know if your spouse is cheating.

You know in your heart it is in your best interest to face the truth, no matter how scary that may be.