How to Lessen the Chances of Cheating

The numbers aren’t pretty. Recent data show that 50% of married men and up to 55% of married women have at some point in their marriage engaged in extramarital sex. (Atwood and Schwartz, 2002 -Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy).

Playboy Magazine studies indicate that 86% of men and 81% of women admit they flirt regularly with the opposite sex—and believe it or not, 75% or men and 65% of women admit having had sex with a co-worker.

Another study has shown that 33% of divorce litigation has become the result of on-line infidelity. (Internet E-Mergency, The Fortino Group).

But how can a couple lessen the chances of cheating?

Knowing how prevalent it is today for you or your partner to have an affair, there are certain measures to be taken to lessen the chances of cheating in your relationship.

Take time to talk

This sounds like a no-brainer, but make sure to time out of every day to talk and listen to each others’ dreams and goals. Build this vital connection with your partner.

It may only take 10 minutes a day but it can spell the difference between a weak relationship susceptible to infidelity or a stable one that can withstand the toughest of temptations.

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Couple time is important

Watch a movie, have dinner dates or even surprise your partner for a quick lunch out during a busy day.

Being alone with your partner nurtures the love and interest you had for each other at the start of your relationship and may lessen the chances of cheating.

Consider changing your work shift

Are you and your partner working on such different work shifts that you literally don’t see each other anymore?

Then find a way to make a change—even if it is just once a week to be able to spend time together at home.

Doing what it takes

Are you in a long distance relationship? Perhaps one of you may consider moving to where the other person is living.

As much as a good job is important to keep, so much more is a relationship that means a lot to you. If neither of you can make the move now, perhaps you can work out a schedule that will increase the time you currently spend together.

Is it possible for one of you to visit the other every Saturday or Sunday, or every other week, or once every month?

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The key is to up the amount of time you spend together even for just a few hours or an extra day.  It is worth going through this extra effort to be together and lessen the chances of cheating.

Being aware of this kind of information—the statistics of infidelity and some measures you may take to lessen the chances of cheating is just one way to cheat-proof your marriage.

If you have suspicions however that your partner is having indiscretions, the first step you need to take is to find out the truth. There is nothing worse than not knowing for sure.

Whatever it is that is giving you doubts about your partner, you must go a step further to confirm if your hunch has any bearing or not.

The worst possible case is, you may be right. But knowing this, how painful it may be, will help you make a decision as to how you want to move on with your life.

Chances are however, you could be wrong too. If this is the case, you need to get to the bottom of why you do not trust your partner as these would have other negative repercussions on your marriage as well.