Signs of a Cheating Spouse

First things first: find out the truth as fast as you can. You could be wrong, after all. But if you are right, you need to know as soon as possible—for your own peace of mind.

You can start by being aware and sensitive to the signs of a cheating spouse.

These may very well be apparent around you. But if you are not paying attention, vital clues may be right under your nose and yet you will totally miss them.

Signs of a cheating spouse include behavioral changes that take place when someone is having an affair.

One would be changes in personality, like new ways of dressing and sudden shifts in food preferences.

If your partner has always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and is now dressing to impress, you might wonder who he is trying to impress.

Watch out for new stores he is shopping in too, if he is the kind of person who used to buy clothes from a particular store before.

Know for sure!

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If your wife normally goes for Spanish or Mexican during dinner dates and is now craving for Vietnamese food, take it as a sign and keep a mental note of it.

Remember, it is not uncommon for the cheating partner to begin mimicking their lover’s personality and even liking what the other person likes, even if they may not have liked these things before.

Other signs of a cheating spouse are new sexual preferences and changes in sex drive. Is your husband asking you to try out new positions?

He may be practicing these moves either to perfect them before trying it with his lover, or he may have learned it from someone else and enjoyed it so much he wants to keep at it.

If you notice your wife is suddenly not interested or passionate during lovemaking, this is a sign to take note of.

But don’t be fooled, an increase in sex drive is also a sign of a cheating spouse because when a person is aroused by someone else, the sex drive is stimulated and sex drive becomes highly active.

Does your partner seem to be in his own world when at home?  Take this as a behavioral change and another sign of a cheating spouse.

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A partner having indiscretions would rather be with the other person and it would be no surprise that they look distracted when they are at home.  You may also feel that your partner is distant and cold.

A definite sign your spouse be having an affair is if he shows no interest in your children and in you—for instance when you talk about the day’s activities, he may look like he is not listening at all.

Body language is something you can observe to tell you if something is wrong as well.

For example, when your partner goes home from work and you casually ask, “How was your day?” or “What did you do today?” and you are answered with a defensive tone, a lot of hand movement, picking things up and the inability to look you in the eye—watch out.

This kind of body language shows that your partner might be lying and that your partner may really be cheating.

If you have noticed any of these behavioral changes in your partner, chances are there may be more to your hunch than you originally suspected.

Follow through on these suspicions and begin gathering some REAL proof—only then will you know the truth and have the peace of mind you deserve.