Getting proof that your spouse is cheating

If you suspect that your partner is having indiscretions, you may have decided to use surveillance like hidden cameras, telephone recorders, computer monitoring, GPS tracking for their car, and the like to get to the truth.

But setting up your surveillance is one thing—getting proof that your spouse is cheating is quite another.

So how do you go about getting proof that your spouse is cheating?

You can do this by creating the opportunity for them to be with the other person or by giving your partner a reason to contact their lover through phone or email.

Go away

Find an excuse to be away for a few days. This will create an opportunity for something to happen in your home. You may visit a sick relative or friend—just make sure your story is believable otherwise your partner may have suspicions.

Getting proof that your spouse is cheating will require you to double check and test all surveillance equipment before you leave to make sure they are working properly.

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Have a fight

Make sure the fight is so bad you will need to leave the house. Mention all his faults and everything that annoys you about him—but not your suspicions about the infidelity.

Tell him how unsatisfied you feel in bed, how he is never there for you and how he should be making more money.

If he is really cheating, chances are he will be so angry with you that once you leave the house, he will have to vent by talking to the other person.

Make sure your surveillance is working so you can gather the evidence you need.

Send a gift

Have some flowers delivered to your home for your partner with an anonymous card. Make sure both of you will be at home when the delivery arrives so you can take a look at your partner’s reaction.

They will assume it is from you, so act surprised and wonder out loud who could be giving your spouse surprise gifts. Observe his reply—he should be acting nervous by now, thinking his lover is sending him gifts. Then get out of his way.

Give him the chance to phone or email his lover. Again, the only way you will be getting proof that your spouse is cheating is if you made sure beforehand that your surveillance is working.

Say you have an STD

This is undoubtedly one way to compel your partner to contact his lover. Again, watch his reaction when you tell him you have contracted an STD and have no idea how this could have happened.

He will surely be in a panic, thinking he must have gotten it from his lover and then he passed it on to you. You can bet he will contact his lover to get to the bottom of it and so that they can both be tested.

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This is a good opportunity for you to get some hard core evidence. Make sure your surveillance is working before giving him the news.

Keep in mind that for you to be successful in getting proof that your spouse is cheating, make sure your excuses are believable and realistic.

Maximize this opportunity to gather the data you need to know the truth by testing your surveillance tools beforehand and making sure they are working.

Nothing could be more frustrating than having created the opportunity but not being able to collect your data due to technical mishaps.

If you have created the opportunities and given your partner compelling reasons to communicate with the other person and yet you have found no evidence of any indiscretions and inappropriate behavior, perhaps you may consider that your suspicions were wrong.

Nonetheless, there are issues you need to work out with your partner—otherwise you would not have had those suspicions in the first place.

A good place to start is to see a marriage counselor who can help you iron out your feelings, find the root of the distrust and work with you to re-build trust in your partner.