How to tell if your spouse is lying

If you think your partner is having an affair, then you can expect they will be telling you lies to cover it up. While some are better liars than others, there are various indicators that will give them away.

How to tell if your spouse is lying?

Body language and behavior can tell you a lot if you pay close enough attention. It also helps if you know your partner well and can see if there are any differences in their body language and behavior.

Look at these signs and see if some of them are familiar.

• Too many details. One way to tell if your spouse is lying is to pay attention to what they are saying. Are they giving you too many details?

Liars have the tendency to do this because they feel they need to cover everything so that they won’t be asked any questions later on.

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• Hesitant when speaking. When someone is lying they may be hesitant to give you information because they are afraid they might make a mistake and get caught.

• Changes in speech. While lying, a person needs to think fast and will get nervous which may lead to: changes in the pitch of their voice (their voice may sound higher or lower than normal) as well as changes in speed (are they talking faster or slower than usual?). You may also notice a lot of pausing and stalling by using words like “well”, “you know” and “uh.”

• Nervousness. You can tell if your spouse is lying if he or she is fidgeting nervously while talking. At times, you will notice the face turning hot and red as the heart is pumping faster. This happens when the person lying is afraid of being caught.

• Excessive blinking. While explaining where he or she has been, do you notice your partner is blinking more often than normal? This is another way to tell if your spouse is lying.

• No eye contact. The inability to hold eye contact with you is an indication that the person is lying. It is easier to lie to someone if you are not looking at their face.

• Touching the face or covering their mouth. A liar will do this because they feel guilty about the lying so subconsciously they will be touching their face, mouth and lips while talking. They may also be tugging on their ears.

• Hands can’t keep still. A liar’s hands will always be moving and touching things like their hair or things within their reach—perhaps a book that they’ll need to flip through. This is a way to distract the person they are lying to.

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• Tapping the feet, drumming of fingers. These actions show the person is nervous about something. This is another way to tell if your spouse is lying.

• Moving legs away from you. When someone is comfortable and wants to open up while talking to another person, they face their legs towards that person. It is the opposite when the person is uncomfortable or possibly lying.

These are just some ways to tell if your spouse is lying. Nothing is worse than uncertainty. If you recognize any of these signs, whether they are changes in behavior or indicative body language, you may want to look further to find out for sure.