Dirty Tricks of the Cheating Spouse

You would be surprised and sick to see the dirty tricks of a cheating spouse . It is important to understand that these tricks – no matter how varied they may be – are crafted for the purpose of creating time to be with someone else.   And that means finding ways to get you out of the way.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

Unexplained travel

A common dirty trick of a cheating spouse , this works by telling his wife he needs to go away on business in order to spend some uninterrupted time with his lover.

This should serve as a warning bell to you if your partner’s work never included out of town business trips before. To verify if he is telling the truth, you may call his office to ask what hotel your husband is staying in for his trip.

Just prepare yourself for whatever information you may find out. But keep in mind your partner may have been telling the truth after all. Another form of travel would be trips with friends. Again, be wary of such activities.

Has your wife always made time for out of town trips with friends? If this is something new—your partner has never really made time for out of town trips with friends, you may want to dig deeper to see what is motivating it.

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Overtime at the office

Here is a particularly common excuse to be with someone else—specially if you are not really familiar with your partner’s work and workload.

This dirty trick of a cheating spouse can easily be pulled off by saying there is an important project coming up that needs to be finished within some very tight deadlines, thus the need to spend late nights in the office.

This could be true, but it could also be a lie to spend some extended hours with a lover. Find out if your partner is really in the office by surprising them with a midnight snack.

If they are where they say they should be, then perhaps they were telling the truth. This is one instance where you would be happy to be wrong.

Going to the gym

Has your wife suddenly signed up for a gym or health club? If you suspect that an affair is going on, then try to find out if she is really spending all that extra time working out.

Going to the gym is the perfect dirty trick of a cheating spouse because it allows them to explain the time they have been away, and even why their hair is damp from a shower.

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Get your partner to tell you what time they plan to go to the gym that day and a few minutes before that time, pay a surprise visit to the gym by saying you wanted to pick her up and take her out to eat.

Don’t ignore your suspicions if she isn’t actually at the gym when she said she would be.

Encouraging you to take a trip away

Unless there is a valid reason why you should be visiting a friend or relative out of town, your partner telling you to go on a trip is not a good sign.  This is actually another dirty trick of a cheating spouse.

Let me remind you that a partner having an affair will find ways to create time to be with their lover—and what other perfect way to do this than if you weren’t around?

Test your partner on this. Tell them you don’t really feel like going away at the moment.

Observe the reaction—if there are any hints of disappointment or if they insist that now is the perfect time to go on that trip, be wary—this may be basis for your suspicions of a cheating partner.