Why women cheat

It’s easy to blame the man when a marriage falls apart and infidelity is suspected. After all, men are statistically more inclined to commit adultery.

But sadly, men are not the only ones capable of breaking their marriage vows. In fact, women are now gaining reputation for indiscretions too.

However, what motivates men and women to be unfaithful differ. Here are some reasons why women cheat.

While it is noteworthy to say that women are hardly unfaithful when they are in a fulfilling relationship, fulfillment is actually a significant factor when considering why women cheat.

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The book “Midnight Confessions: True Stories of Adultery” provides insights to why women cheat. The book says numerous women justified their extra-marital affairs because they felt something was lacking in their marriages—particularly, that there was something missing with their relationships with their husbands.

It is troublesome to know that rather than attempting to fix the relationship, they decided to look for someone else to fill this void. Other cheating wives claim that they have been unfaithful because something is lacking in their marriage but they still love their husbands.

Asked why an adulterous woman became unfaithful, she replied by saying that her husband wasn’t giving her the attention she needed. S

he understood perfectly well that her husband travels for a living, and she did her best to cope with the loneliness this brought about, but what she could no longer deal with was his inattentiveness even when he was finally at home.

It seems why women cheat is indeed greatly motivated by the amount of attention they feel their husbands are giving them. Another woman shared that she had an affair because her husband was just so inattentive.

Her marriage ended because her husband eventually found out about the infidelity. But the same woman says that she would probably have an affair again, if her current husband fails to give her the attention she needs.

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Another reason why women cheat is when they learn their husbands have been unfaithful to them. This is justified because they want their partners to feel the same pain and betrayal they felt when they found out.

Others share that they had an affair to prove to their husbands that they are still desirable to other men.

The book “A Passion for More” attempted to offer insight into why women cheat. Author Susan Shapiro Barash shares, “”Women of today, as a result of the women’s movement as well as the dynamics of women in the workplace, have a heightened self awareness.

Their exposure to men, their access to men is different than in the past.”

“My opinion on this is that women who betray their marital vows do it because they are focused on the thrill of the moment and don’t think about the long term effects of their actions.

For the first time, women are involved in interpersonal relationships with men in all sectors of society, and one of the consequences of this increased interaction is the increased chance of infidelity occurring.”