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How Serious Is An Emotional Affair?

By Andrew Rusbatch

We get a lot of feedback from people who believe their partner is having an emotional, not a physical affair. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding emotional affairs since they don't actually involve physical contact or sex.

Does this make the affair less serious than a physical affair? Is it still a problem for the relationship, or can we write it off as a minor indiscetion? How serious is an emotional affair?

These are the types of questions that come to us as we look at affairs and ways to get the proof you need and indentify if your parter is having an affair or not. Some people breathe a collective sigh of relief when they find out that the dalliance with a work colleague or a close friend is only an emotional tryst and not a physical one, but others are devastated.

There are cases for and against emotional affairs:

  • A physical affair can, in many cases, simply be sex. No thoughts, feelings, or emotions. It may be as simple as a physical act, without the emotional connection that your partner has with you. It's far from acceptable, but love may not be an emotion that comes into it. An emotional affair on the other hand, is about much more than sex. It's about fulfilling an emotional need outside of the relationhship. It's about connecting on an emotional level with someone other than a spouse. It may also be more about infatuation and love than the emotional disconnection of sex.

  • Alternately, emotional affairs are all in the head. Is it realistic to expect your partner to be there as an emotional outlet for you all of your married life? If they reach out to others, friends, work colleagues, neighbors, is it much more than a good friendship? Or is it more than that? The important thing here is that sex has not happened, and for some, that's enough to forgive them and move on. If nothing physical happened, then it was simply a dream, a moment of sharing thoughts and feelings with someone else, but not a close physical connection like sex or marriage.

So is an emotional affair a real affair?

The jury is still out on that one, but one thing is true: If you or your partner have been involved in an emotional affair it is a very serious problem for your marriage. It's not just about what happened, it's also about where the emotional affair was heading. It's hard to say with any certainty if it would develop into a sexual affair, but the fact that someone outside the relationship is assuming the role of confidant, best friend, or emotional support, means that the spouse has been overlooked or replaced.

A marriage is about much more than being husband and wife or father and mother. It's also about being lovers and best friends. Your spouse is the person you should go to when you are feeling scared, feeling unsure, and someone you can share your thoughts and dreams with. When this connection starts to fail and thoughts and dreams are being shared with somebody else, a situation is being created where the marriage is starting to fail.

That's where emotional affairs are a problem. They are indicative of the rot that is taking place in the relationship. They are indicative of the fact that one or both partners are not participating in the marriage and that needs, either on a relationship, individual, or intimate level, are not being met.

Is an emotional affair a real affair? Yes.

Is the marriage salvageable? If you want it to. But first you need to know the truth.


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Sarah Paul
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